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Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
Cookie days 30 day(s)
Commission type Flat Rate
Base commission ₤4.00 Product specific

Program Terms & Policies 

ohne Affiliate Program

Category: menstrual health and wellness

ohne is a community-first brand run by a small team of women. We’re dedicated to reshaping the way people experience their menstrual cycles, with a focus on all-round cycle care including industry-first CBD oils (because we know that you’re a human with a vagina every damn day, not just the days you’re bleeding from your vagina). Since launching in 2018, we’ve launched a range of organic period products, industry-first cycle care products, and multi-platform content dedicated to educating people about their bodies and providing them with the support they need to manage their entire cycles.

You can read more about what we do here

Publisher Types:

Please note that we do not accept affiliate applications from sites/blogs that are prelaunch. We also do not work with cashback or reward sites, marketplaces or dropshipping sites. 

Brand Policy:

"ohne + coupon", "discount code ohne" (or anything similar) is considered brand bidding and results in immediate exclusion from the program as well as the rejection of all current sales.

Discount Code Usage:

As an affiliate, we will occasionally gift you free product so that you can try a the range of ohne goods and services. This allows you to authentically promote products that you love. To claim this product, we will give you a unique discount code that must not be shared with anyone. If an affiliate shares this code, this will result in immediate disposal of commission for all ongoing sales and a ban on the affiliate program.

Keyword Policy:

ohne has a closed SEM policy where brand bidding on all keywords related to "ohne" is totally prohibited. The keyword "ohne" must be added as a negative keyword for all SEM campaigns from active partners. If an affiliate engages in trademark bidding/brand bidding, this will result in immediate disposal of commission for all ongoing sales and a ban on the affiliate program. It is also forbidden to use branded keywords in the URLs.

Cheating / Fraud:

ohne does not allow affiliates to exploit the program to generate transactions that can be considered errors. An affiliate that does not comply with the program's terms and conditions he will be removed from the program and will not receive any of the revenue generated.

Payment terms:

We pay our affiliates at the beginning of each month via Paypal. In order to get your commission on time, make sure to provide us with your Paypal email address. Minimum payout: 20 GBP. Please note that we only pay commission on physical product sales, so you should not promote our E-Gift Card.  

Contact Us:

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